Teach Peace

Any teacher worth his/her salts will tell you that teaching is the most exhausting job you will ever love.  Simply put it’s mentally and physically draining—on any given day.  Often teachers today are tasked with teaching students who come from broken homes and extreme poverty.  These factors create an environment where neither parents nor students value education inherently. Add in either element (broken home or poverty) and the challenges become almost insurmountable.  

Students who come from broken homes may not have the social skills necessary to be successful in the classroom.  Students who come from poverty often struggle in school because concentration is difficult when you hungry.  Students experiencing either a broken home or poverty often exhibit behavioral issues as well.  

Educators can only control things that occur in their own classroom but they do need to consider the factors that exist in a students life and how they impact student achievement.   The fact is life outside the classroom has a direct impact on learning inside the classroom.  Student achievement is definitely impacted when a students basic needs are not met.  Knowing this up front, allows a classroom teacher to compensate to the degree possible using diverse instruction, community outreach programs, and compassion.  

The iTeach Collection which includes “Teach Peace” is designed to motivate, inspire, and bring a bit of humor into the education arena.  Teaching can be stressful and intense but our clothing choices do not have to be.  The iTeach Collection is a great way to make a statement or just laugh a little with your peers.  I hope you enjoy this line as much as I enjoy creating it.   MCA